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"Lucy's Journal"

An Example of Extra Credit Work

The following is the completed Journal of Lucy Westenra by Cindy E. for 9th grade Honors English I. The rest of Lucy's journal leading up to this account is found in Bram Stoker's Dracula

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18 September (later that night, I woke up and wrote.) All are dead in the house. I am freezing. I must not doze off, for I feel that if I sleep, I will not awake. In the morning I do not know when, for I am in a state of exhaustion, weakness, and horror, time is not apparent, I felt Van Helsing's strong-arms lift me from the bed where my poor, cold, lifeless mother lay. I was soon warm from a hot bath that Dr. Seward and Van Helsing placed me in. I felt a slight bit of life coming to me from the warm bath. The two wonderful men wrapped a sheet around me and left me with a maid who dressed me. If I had been more conscious and alive, this would have been an embarrassing situation. I feel the devil draining life from me. I do not remember my travel into another guest room, so I must have gone into a profound slumber. When I awoke I remembered the letter that I had written to my fiancee and my dear friends. I know it is near time for me to be laid out, but I am not dead yet, or am I? I clutched the paper that I had laid on my breast the night before. I remembered that I had written it to my husband and dear friends if I should die during the night. I am so happy. This means I am not dead. I am filled with joy. I, for a while was not sure where I was, but I knew that I had made it through the night. I felt so comforted when I looked up and saw Van Helsing and Dr. Seward sitting by my bed. I then looked around the room to see where I was. Then I remembered! I remembered the whole horrible night and came to the realization of my poor mother's death. I felt as if my whole world was taken from me. I could not keep a loud cry back from eroding from my lips. I placed my hands on my face and wept. It took all the strength I had. The Doctor and Professor understood my realization about my mother and they comforted me. They told me that they were here for me and that Arthur would arrive in the morning. I wanted Author to be with me more then anything. I needed to ask where he was, but I didn't have the strength. Those kind men told me that they would stay with me as long as I need them and not leave until I bid them to. I felt a little better. They stayed by my bed, comforting me until sleep came. As sleep came I felt the need to ask them if they would please stay with me over night for I feared sleep and would like to have the reassurance of a man in the room to help me if I am to wake at night. The men reassured me that they would do anything for me. How dear they are to my heart. If I cannot be with my sweet Arthur, I am glad my friends are with me. I knew I would not be able to fight off sleep after the horrible and exhausting night before. I must go now.

19 September - Last night I slept uncomfortably, my whole body ached. I do not remember my dream, but I knew it was a horrible nightmare. I woke nervous, hot, and sweating.

I wanted Arthur more than ever. Later that day I noticed that Quincey Morris was here. I asked him about Arthur. I knew my fiancé could coax me back to my placidity. He assured me that Arthur had been telegraphed and that he was coming this evening.

19 September (That evening) I was filled with joy when I saw Arthur, but I didn't have the strength to show it. I could not stay awake long enough to talk to him. I wanted to stand up and show him how much I missed him during his absence, but I felt my body revolting against me. I knew my time with Arthur will not be much longer, and I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible. I loved to hear him talk to me.

I do not want Arthur to worry about me, yet I do not want him to leave me. He has gone through much sorrow and much mental pain. He, I am sure, is getting sick and weak from worrying about me. It made me feel better to see Dr. Seward and Van Helsing encouraging Arthur to go to the study and lie down to sleep. He first argued the thought of leaving for the night, but went so that he could help the good men protect me during the day.

20 September - I feel covered from head to foot with the garlic scent. A garlic necklace weighs my head down. I want to rip it off my neck. I slept uneasily last night. I could hear the buffeting of wings at my window. I felt under a trance or spell. The horror of the noise kept me awake for a time. I hated the smell of those awful garlic flowers, but I strangely felt them comforting when I woke from an uneasy night. Dr. Seward gave me food. I did not want it, but he insisted that I take it. My whole body is numb. The whole night I was having spells of sleeping and waking.

20 September (Later) When I woke up again, I saw Arthur along with Van Helsing and Dr. Seward. I was so happy to see my precious Arthur. His presence comforts me so. He came over to me and bent near to kiss me. Then instead of kissing me, he knelt by me and, for reasons I do not know, he held my hand instead. I did not care. As long as he is near. I felt life drain from me so fast. It was sinking out of my weak body. All of the sudden a strange feeling came over me that I can not describe. I was having trouble breathing. I knew I was near death, so I wanted a last kiss from Arthur. I asked him for a kiss. He bent over, just as before, but this time was drawn back fiercely. Van Helsing had thrown him back from me. I was so grateful to my friend, Van Helsing, for he knew that my unclean body could do harm to my husband. I didn't know how I could have harmed him, but I knew if Van Helsing would not do something without a purpose. I am very grateful to him.

Just then something came over me. I felt as if a ferocious monster were fighting me. I struggled for life and opened my eyes. Van Helsing was standing over my bed watching me. I took my dear friend's hand and begged him to guard my poor Arthur. He is such a kind man. He promised me what I asked. I kissed his great brown hand. I remember that Van Helsing then gave Arthur permission to kiss me on the forehead. I was pleased with this. He did so and then Arthur looked into my eyes and departed. I then felt the little strength that I had seep out of me.

21 September – I write now in the spirit form. I feel as if a devilish form has taken me over. My neck is throbbing. I have the deepest feeling of loneliness. The world seems different now. I have such a thirst. Never have I had such a dry, hot, burning thirst. My unconscious is fighting my conscious. I feel as if I am in between sleep and awake.

I am not sure of the date. What has happened to me? I have much pain and weakness. I feel no pain now and my strength has partially restored to me. Could it be that I have passed on? Will it be years till I see poor Arthur again? My Mother! Will I see my Mother now?

Van Helsing is in my room. I could hear Van Helsing introduce a man to another as the undertaker. I then knew that I was dead. If I am dead then why have I not passed on to the next life? Why is my family not here to wish me good-bye. I then heard the undertaker tell a group of persons to leave the room for a time. He then began to dress me. He placed a beautiful white gown on me. When I was comfortably dressed, he brushed my hair. He is a very gentle man. When I was well taken care of, he brought in a wilderness of beautiful white flowers in the room. When this man had finished placing the last bouquet, my dear Jonathan and the Professor came in. The Professor brought with him a handful of those dreadful garlic flowers. He placed them around my neck, and then to make matters more uncomfortable he placed a golden crucifix on my thirsty mouth. They talked about me funny. I knew they were talking about me because I could see them staring at me in a longing way and hear them speaking softly.

Later a dear servant of mine came into the room; she noticed the garlic flowers around my neck and took those ghastly flowers from me. She then noticed the gold crucifix that was placed on my mouth and gracefully took if off. I felt very grateful to her, for after she left my room I was able to move. I knew now that this was my chance to quench my thirst!

I find myself drifting. My feet are not touching the ground. I do not feel weakness anymore, but I do have a new pain. I have a driving thirst. It tortures me. I feel I cannot rest until I quench this torture. I don't understand it, but I must fulfill my thirst. What a strange person I have become. I can't get away from myself. I feel I am becoming a monster. I have a strange feeling of desire to attack any person in this house. Somehow I need to quench my dry thirst. I need to leave this dreadful hell. I will leave and do as my body bids. I must find a drink to stop my thirst. Oh what torture!

22 September – I have escaped the bedroom. I found a new talent. I climbed out the bedroom window. I thought I would have to hang on to the old brick railing on the side of the house until I found a way to climb down, but I realized that I could crawl. This is a new experience. I have found I have greater strength then I have ever had. I don't understand what is happening to me. I had the ability to crawl down in the way of a spider. My body is allowing me to do things I could never do before.

When I had gotten to the ground, I had dashed with great speed that I didn't know I could acquire and escaped out of the house gate. I felt under a trance. For reasons that I do not know, I headed for the neighborhood of Hampstead. I saw a child alone. I bid him over. I do not know why, but I felt impressed to ask him to walk with me. Then I could not help myself. I took the small child, tilted his neck and sucked his blood. I could not understand why I was becoming a monster. All I knew is that I had quenched my thirst. The taste of the thick red blood was delicious. It not only quenched my thirst, but the sweet taste exhilarated my body. I have a need for it still. I must stop my journal at this point. The sun is coming. It is making me uneasy.

23 September – I woke in my coffin. I don't remember getting in. I don't remember falling asleep or ever seeing a coffin. At first I did not know what it was. I woke up and realized that I was very uncomfortable and lying on my back. I always sleep on my stomach. I tried sitting up, but I realized that I was in an isolated chamber. I was trapped. I have changed tremendously. I would normally be claustrophobic. I seemed to take comfort from the enclosed trap but my thirst was driving me, so I pushed on the top of the box and surprisingly I opened it very easily. I had forgotten my extreme strength. I stepped out. It was dark now and I could feel my thirst burning my inside. I then had the desire to capture another child. I knew that that would bring me dark satisfaction. As I walked I realized that I was in a cemetery in the churchyard in Kingstead. I found myself driven to Shooter's Hill. Many children play there. I repeated the same terrible act again. I took a small child, lifted it up, tilted his head, bit into its neck, and sucked that sweet wonderful blood. I again was replenished. When I was done with the child, I didn't know what to do with it. I found myself leaving it in a bush and taking off. I came back to my coffin and slept.

I horridly have found myself repeating this every night. I only come out of my tomb at night. I have developed a horror of sunlight. To be safe, I have returned early each night. I am not satisfied until my lips are crimsoned with fresh blood and a stream is trickling over my chin.

28 September- When I had gone out of my sanctuary last night, when I was bringing a small helpless child to the church-grounds, I saw familiar faces. The sight of them made me cringe. I knew at once that they would take my drink away from me that I had carefully captured. I wouldn't let them, not until I quenched my hungered thirst. I flung to the ground in order to suck the blood faster. When I was starting to quench my thirst, I heard a groan that rung from a familiar voice. When I looked up I saw Arthur. He was with a group of men. Just then, I forgot about the small child. I knew if I could be quenched by him, then we together could rest in the day and capture by night. I called to him. I bid him to come to me. How I wanted him. He arose and was willing to join me again. Then my plan to not be lonely anymore was ruined! A CRUCIFIX was placed between us. It made me hurt. My insides were crying out to me at the very sight of the ghastly thing. I had to leave. I knew I would be safe in my tomb. When I reached the tomb. A forbidden force would not let me pass inside. I had nowhere to go. No coffin in which to hide away. The spirit of hell grew within me. I must have scared one of the men (that I recognized, but do not know), with the sight of my anger because he moved forward and allowed my entrance through the forbidden force. I hid in my coffin confused, angry, and with my thirst still taunting me.

29 September- I awoke with a pain that no earthly human can bear. For a moment there was a blood stopping hurt in my chest. I let out a bloodcurdling scream from my lips and at that moment, I felt nothing, but peace. Gloom had departed from me. I felt sweetness and purity, no longer pain and waste. There is now a holy calm. I knew then that I was no longer the devil's undead, but God's undead. I am God's true dead, whose soul belongs to him. I am still writing in a spirit form, but in a purified one. I believe that I will not write again, for this is an earthly act. I must bid good-bye. In hopes that my beloved Arthur will read my true stories. I will be waiting for you. Good-bye.

Your beloved wife,
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