The English Teacher

Ending Class Strategy

When I began allowing five minutes at end of class for the students to put their supplies away and talk, some benefits resulted. The class paid attention to what I was saying and teaching up until I finished. They knew that they would get the chance to let their friends know some important news, etc. The stress of my watching students watching the clock stopped. They even forgot to look, trusting that I would give them the time that they needed. I seldom have to remind students that they don't need to get ready to get ready to end class. That is they don't need to put away their books etc., to get ready to sit there for five minutes.

The students should remain in their seats until the bell rings. If they are allowed to stand and visit, soon they will be waiting at the door, then the door will be open, then they will be standing in the hall, then they will be leaving early, then you will be stressed. Also if they are not allowed to wear their hats in class, they should not put them on until the bell rings, and they should not be allowed to hold them just above their heads until the bell rings or you will be stressed waiting to see if the hat goes on before the bell.

After I instituted this ending class policy, [and after I realized that I didn't have to be in -total- control of the class from 'bell to bell'] my discipline referrals cut down by 50% and my stress at the end of class by much more than that,.

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