Okinawan Shuri-Te Karate-Do

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Okinawan Shuri-Te is a traditional art of self-defense and self-control of the mind and body. It is a martial art developed by the Okinawans as a weaponless method of self-defense.

The 'character' for Karate means 'Vastness of Hands' and today is known as 'Empty Hands,' which reflects the broadness and depth of mind in Shuri-Te. Original karate was called "Te" meaning "Hand." For the Okinawan people, the art of empty hands is used to protect one's life and family, bringing peace to their lives. Therefore the art is highly respected and valued by the Okinawan people.

Shuri-Te is designed so that the techniques can be applied by anyone. The class is personal, non-competitive, and highly individualized. It is not a sport. It deals with training and the application of skills toward real life situations.

No special athletic ability is required. People of all ages can learn according to their own body structure and physical abilities.

Karate and Self-defense enhance discipline, coordination, concentration, and self-confidence.


"Dojo" is the name of the place where one receives instruction in the martial arts: where the teaching of the Masters is studied.

It is a place for the uplifting and cleansing of body, mind, and spirit. It is not a place for the display of ego. Emphasis is place on respect and safety for each other. All in all it is a place where one learns more of the truly fine things in life.


Shihan (Master) Patrick Jones is an experienced 7th degree Black Belt (Nana-Dan) with 35 years of teaching and extensive study. Sensei Jones has taught Shuri-Te karate across the United States including dojos in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Oregon. Sensei Jones believes Karate can promote better physical and mental health, build character and enhance the growth of self-understanding.

Sensei Patrick B. Jones, Shihan
Oregon Kyo-Kai Director
Eugene, Oregon


Mr. Tony Wells- Head Instructor and Deputy Director.
Florence, Oregon

Mr. Tony Wells has attained the rank of Yon-Dan (4th Degree) through Sensei Jones' teaching and guidance. Mr. Wells has been training in the Florence Dojo for 20 years and has been instructing for 17 years. Mr. Wells continues his training and understanding of Karate-Do under the tutelage of Senseis Jones and Nakamura with the hopes someday of emulating their esteemed Waza (technique).

Mr. Charlie Evans- Instructor of Youth Classes
Florence, Oregon
Mr. Evans, San-Dan (3rd Degree) has been studying Shuri-Te for over 17 years under the direction of Senseis Jones and Nakamura, and has been instructing the youth classes for 14 years. Mr. Evans believes that the studying of Shuri-Te builds good morals and values and contributes to good health.

Basic Course Content:


Basic Stances

Body Mechanics

Punching Techniques

Blocking Techniques

Kicking Techniques

Striking Techniques

Defense Against Weapons


Goshin-Jitsu is defense against grabs and chokes, which includes many throws and break-fall techniques.


Tolette consists of hidden techniques and grappling.


Kata-Forms are movements put into pre-arranged sequential moves where the self-defense moves arise and are constructed. Kata is the most important aspect in teaching students to focus and to perfect themselves in balance, strength, and spirit.


Interpretation of forms.


Weapons training.

Additional Information:

Adults Twice weekly $40/Month
Youth Once Weekly $30/Month
*Uniforms/equipment are available through the instructor
*Discount for family additional members
*Cash only-No Refunds.
*Payment due first class each month.
*Private Lessons are available.

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