The English Teacher

Career Paper

The directions for this multi- paragraph paper are brief, but it is an effective assignment in showing students the importance of writing in many careers.
I. Interview five people, asking the following questions:
------1. What kind of writing do you do on your job?
----- 2. What are the most important qualities of writing?
----- 3. What are the biggest problems that you see in the writing of others?

2. Write an expository paper with an introduction, main body, and conclusion comparing the responses of the people interviewed. End with a summary of their responses and what you learned from the paper. Write on one side of the paper in ink. You may type it if you wish. Only one of the people interviewed can be a relative. (Also, don't use anyone at the school.)

---------I. Introduction:
---------[ State whom you interviewed and what their occupations are.]

---------II. Main body:
-------------A. 1st paragraph- Compare the responses to question #1.
-------------B. 2nd paragraph- Compare the responses to question #2.
-------------C. 3rd paragraph- Compare the responses to question #3.

--------III. Conclusion:
--------[Summarize the overall responses and then conclude with what
---------you learned from the assignment.]

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