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Newspaper Tests - Advanced

Here are two sample newspaper tests. These tests were designed to test and teach familiarity with the different sections of the newspaper. The students could use the newspapers on the test and searched through them to find the answers to the questions. The questions were taken from various sections of the Eugene Register Guard printed on the days listed.

The sections included news, sports, vital statistics, columns, letters to the editor, the classified ads, etc. The test used two different issues because the same sections were not included every day. You may be able to ask your newspaper to donate papers to your classroom which were not sold the day they were issued. I ordered approximately sixty newspapers, twice a week. Be prepared to be able to stop the newspapers after the unit is over, or you will have a lot of papers to recycle. When my students were done using them, our biology teacher took them for her lab rats cages.

At the bottom of the test, I have a reference to a crossword puzzle. That was included simply to keep the students busy while the others had time to finish because some students were very familiar with newspapers and could finish much faster than others and others didn't do a thorough job. A crossword puzzle is only one of many activities that you might use to accomplish the same purpose.

NAME_______________ DATE__________________
PERIOD_________ February 14, 1991 - Thursday

1. What temperature was it in Vienna? Hi/low. ___________________________________________

2. In Circuit Court Sentencing, what happened to Dennis Eugene Baker, 32, for unauthorized use of a vehicle? ____________________________________________

3. In Prep Spotlight, how tall is Rob Lake; the guy who scored 24 points in the win over North Bend? ____________________________________________

4. In People in the News, how much money does Willie Nelson owe the IRS in back taxes and penalties? _____________________________________________

5. What does Peter Horton (thirty something) plan to do now that "Gary's" been killed? ______________________________________________

6. How many academy award nominations did "Dances with Wolves" receive? _______________________________________________

7. What movie is showing on HBO at 5:00? ________________________________________________

8. In Vital Statistics, a child was born to Valerie and Michael Lynch. Boy or Girl? ____________________________________________________

9. At Hutchins, how much is an '85 Mercedes, 4-door? _________________________________________________

10. What should a Cancer spend more time doing? _________________________________________________

11. In a letter to the editor, how does John F. Mello feel about permits for flying the flag? _________________________________________________

12. In college, women's basketball, what was the score between Alabama, and Alabama State? __________________________________________________

13. How old was Leonard Jamieson when he died? __________________________________________________

14. What did Abby think of the guy who never "enjoyed" holidays or birthdays? __________________________________________________

15. Who is Calvin pretending to be? What is he planning on doing to Suzy? __________________________________________________

16. What are 2 movies being shown for $1 at the Gateway Mall? (Movies 12) ___________________________________________________

17. How many pages of the original "Huck Finn" were found in an attic? ____________________________________________________

18. According to Daves Kayfes, what does Bo Jackson know about? Who accepted the award from him? ____________________________________________________


NAME_______________________ DATE_______________
PERIOD__________ February 17, 1991 - Sunday

1. What temperature was it in Paris? High/low. ____________________________________________

2. What convention is taking place from March 8-10? _____________________________________________

3. How much money do you need to send for a study plan of the Milan? (House of the Week) ______________________________________________

4. What condition was Kirk Douglas in after his air collision? _______________________________________________

5. What did Abby think that the son and father should do about the wedding/soccer argument? _____________________________________________

6. In general, what should a Cancer do? _________________________________________________

7. What happened to Jimmey Hadley, because he was conspiring to commit forgery? _____________________________________________

8. How can you send a letter to Andy? (ASK ANDY) _____________________________________________

9. Who did Boris Becker lose his title to and why? _____________________________________________

10. In a letter to the editor, what was Robert J. Lennon's idea about foreign aid? _____________________________________________

11. At the Gateway Mall, (Movies 12) what movies can you see for $1? _____________________________________________

12. At Kendall Ford, how much does an '88 Toyota Pickup Cost? ______________________________________________

13. How old was Frances S. Powers when she died? _______________________________________________

14. In Entertainment Notes, where will Katherine Clay exhibit her wildlife paintings? _______________________________________________

15. In men's college basketball, what was the score between Princeton and Yale? ________________________________________________

16. What are the 3rd grade, Bohemia Elementary School students performing? (Education Notes) _________________________________________________

17. The Bon Marche is looking for what type of employee? _________________________________________________


Crossword Puzzle

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