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Methods and Practices of Classroom Discipline

The information on this site offers suggestions for basic Classroom Discipline strategies.

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Teacher Caused Discipline Problems
Teacher Caused
Discipline Problems link
Busy Work, No Work link     
Difficulty of Classes link Bribing and Bargaining link
Setting a 'Level of Law' link Punishment Level link

Philosophy Underlying Discipline
Philosophies Underlying
Discipline link                         
Taking a Problem Home link

Strategies for Discipline
Classroom Rules for
Behavior & Seating Charts link
Keeping a Grade Book Record link
Maintaining Orderly Study
Halls link
Conferences with Parents link

Parent/Student Caused Discipline Problems
Parent/Student Caused
Discipline Problems 1 link
Parent/Student Caused
Discipline Problems 2 link
Dealing with Classroom
Bullies link
Push/Pull Students link
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