The English Teacher

Sample Fable #1

A Fable by Hadley R.

In the beginning of time, deep down in the depths of the ocean there lived a jellyfish named Mertle and a fish named Yunky. These two had been best friends as long as they could remember and they were always together.

Mertle was a little different from Yunky, not only because Mertle was much squishier than normal fish, but because his personality was a little freakish as well. You see, Mertle was constantly looking for approval from the other fish, even the ones that repeatedly mocked Yunky and hurt his feelings. Yunky was a little slow so he never really caught on to the teasing or the fact that Mertle still looked up to these bully fish.

One day these bully fish were teasing Yunky unmercifully, and he began to understand the cruelty of their jokes. Yunky looked up to Mertle with tears in his eyes and asked him if the two of them could just go play together away from all the other fish. Mertle looked at his poor innocent best friend that needed him now more than ever before, and then looked at the other fish. These fish were being and tough, and they always had girl fish flirting with them. Mertle looked Yunky straight in the eye, and told him to go home by himself, because he had new friends now and didn't need him.

Yunky swam home alone, and left Mertle there with the other fish. The other fish, seeing that Mertle looked much different from the rest of them, moved on to him as their victim of verbal abuse. In the end proving that it never pays off to be spineless.

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