The English Teacher

Sample Dialogue #2

A Dialogue by Jordan S.

Everyone knows that one of the biggest decisions a guy must make in life is which lucky lady he will choose to go out with in middle school. Understanding how huge of a decision this was, I approached my two best friends, Bill and Steve, with my dilemma. Suzy's friend Gina told my friend Steve that Suzy said her other friend Betty wanted to go out with me. Not knowing exactly what to do I was forced resort to the advice of my two best friends.

"Go for it man, Betty is hot!" Bill declared as I approached the two with my problem. "Think of how cool you would look walking around school at lunch time holding Betty's hand."

"Wait just a second," countered Steve, "This is a huge decision you are making here Jim; you definitely need to think this through a bit before you make up your mind. You and I both know that Betty is definitely not as hot as Bill thinks she is."

"What is that supposed to mean?" said Bill angrily. "Are you trying to say I have bad taste in girls? Do not make me remind you about the last girl you went out with Steve!"

"Hmmm, very true" muttered Steve, "Anyways back to the subject, I am telling you Jim, Betty is not the girl for you. Remember in 2nd grade when she used to always pass gas in class and you vowed never to like her? I just do not think your feelings should change now that her chest has gotten a little bigger Jim."

"Oh that is so lame Steve! Jim does not like Betty for her large chest; he likes her for much better reasons" said Bill. "He likes her personality and the her pretty singing voice."

"Oh is that so?" clamed Steve, "I've seen the way Jim looks at Betty when she walks down the hall, and he is definitely not getting wide eyed over her nice singing voice!"

I was beginning to realize that maybe I had come to the wrong people for advice, but nonetheless I listened on.

"Well, all I have to say is that there are plenty of guys out there who would love to be in your position Jim," said Bill. "I know for a fact that both Brian and Greg asked Betty to dance at the last dance, and we all know that when a guy asks a girl to dance it can only mean one thing."

"Jim, if you go out with Betty it is like selling your soul to the devil," pleaded Steve. "We will never get to hang with you anymore because you will always be off holding hands with Betty."

"You are so selfish Steve!" yelled Bill. "You are just jealous because there are no girls in our school that want to go out with you!"

Fearing that a fight might break out I realized I would have to make this decision on my own. Lying awake in bed that night I made up my mind, I would ask Betty out the next morning. If it did not work out, no worries, I would just have Steve tell Suzy's friend Gina to tell Suzy to let Betty know that I wanted to break up.

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