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Six Sentence Paragraphs

These are sample paragraphs for the sentence paragraph assignment. As I give this assignment, I am amused by the students' ingenuity in solving this problem. It reminds me of the haiku from 'A Net of Fireflies' which states, "Suddenly pouring skies, what ingenious hats they improvise."

The bird chirped into a light breeze which carried her song throughout Enchanted Forest. As each creature awoke to this tune they knew it was time and arose. Morning had come. Various scents filled the air while flowers opened up their pedals in hopes of absorbing some heat. Meanwhile clouds filled up above, pouring water atop everything. All living things scattered about, vanishing from sight. Maybe tomorrow will be better.
Heather W

We all stood there, ready to begin our race. The starter raised his gun high. POW! I was suddenly among a stampede of girls. Groups battled for good position. Elbows were being thrown left and right. Other competitor's spikes tripped me up one or two times. Finally, pulling ahead felt great. Using all energy that remained, it was now time to kick in. My body ached finishing.
Hadley R

We graduate in one month. Sarah's birthday arrives that same day. My family from Montana will be there. They have to sit inside a hot stuffy gym. Tears shall flow as friends say goodbye. Soon it is all over.
Debbie W

Sometimes I believe that people are robots. Seriously, humans follow guidelines and do whatever is told of them. One day, a young boy was meeting some friends. Seven kids decided to jump over Smith Creek, which ran behind Johnny's house. Wanting respect, little Ben knew he must leap. Although fear boiled inside him, the tyke sailed above raging waters, just because they said so.
Erin V
Stuck among my own thoughts and in a unique world where men roam freely I ponder. Emotions run wild therefore, covering myself with hurtful tears. Oh, Sam, Kyle, splash drama upon Sarah's reactions to feelings ever so deeply inside her heart. Overcome by frustration she decided jogging away from the situation could help her guy problems that now occurred beyond imagination. Sprinting Michelle finally caught up as this quaint place vanished into midnight dreams. Women leaped advancement whereas boys slowly slipped about their everyday activities disappearing rapidly at stages of life.
Rachael H

I went to school today. My backpack was full of stuff. It had binders and pencils inside. They were used for class work. Brittany is in first period with me. She has a bag filled with things as well.
Gabe R

Jim runs. Quickly he moves. Legs pump up and down. Arms swing rapidly. Sweat pours freely from a sticky face. Nostrils flare with air.
Ammon D

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